• Clay-plastered constructed kiln

    Clay-plastered set of a furnace and stove with an oven. The stove has a summer and winter fireplace with a heat exchanger.

  • Tiled stove

    The secret of this efficient stove is in a damper with which you can easily regulate the direct flame for heating the water for central heating or for domestic hot water.


Clay-plastered constructed set

An efficient solution for permanently inhabited spaces is a chamotte furnace built to order. Produces a healthy warmth.

Rebuilding of a tile-walled furnace

Elegant rebuilding of an old tile-walled stove made of restored tiles. There is a touch of history and lore in it.

Tile-walled stove with a heat exchanger

A practical solution is a tile-stove with an oven and a built-in water-heating exchanger.

Intelligent fireplace with an insert

A modern fireplace insert built into a wall with its own thermostat and electronically controlled damper.