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Tile-walled furnaces, Plastered furnaces, Finnish furnaces

In order to be effective, a furnace should give off maximum heat and consume a minimum of fuel, while maintaining its functionality and aesthetics. When selecting a furnace, care should be taken about the suitability of the type of furnace to the space. This is a difficult task even for an expert because he must take into account a number of factors. A quality-made furnace combines effectiveness, purpose, beauty and safety.

Each furnace is a piece of art fitted into an interior and built according to the requirements of the owner. A correctly fitted furnace saves money and the environment. A furnace can be built from bricks, plastered or bare tiles, stone, etc. After that it may be coated either with a clay or a special plastering; the entire furnace or just certain parts of the furnace can be plastered. The construction of the furnace requires highly professional installation. It regularly needs maintenance, inspection and cleaning. A quality fuel is very important; the wood must be dry.

A furnace provides a healthy radiant heat, it brings a nice thermal well-being. It represents one of the healthiest and most fuel-efficient methods of heating. A furnace can vary in shape, size and performance, therefore it´s built upon request. It is an ideal solution for heating in permanently inhabited space.