Blahut / Furnaces and Fireplaces


Heat is one of the fundamental needs of man. Although our heating today is secured by the burning of modern fuels, even nowadays we need a "living fire", not just impersonal heat.

Responsible approach

Blahut Furnaces and Fireplaces is led by Marian Blahut – a master stove-fitter specialized in the construction of furnaces, stoves and fireplaces.

Our goal is not only to be helpful regarding the choice of a heat source using natural fuels. Our furnaces, stoves and fireplaces also offer the owner an aesthetic experience while maintaining functionality and high efficiency. We take traditions into account and strive to continue them in new ways. We use modern construction materials and technological procedures. Our goal is to offer owners true quality and exceptional design. We are a member of The Slovak Guild of Furnace and Stove Fitters.


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