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  • Construction of furnaces according to request
  • Rebuilding of tiled stoves
  • Construction of tiled stoves
  • Construction of Intelligent fireplaces
  • Construction around fireplace inserts
  • Hot-air heating
  • Hot-water heating
  • Design and Visualization
  • Guidance

Construction of brick kilns according to request

From a technical standpoint, this is the most challenging and very costly method of furnace construction. The result is very original, and exudes a pleasant, healthy warmth with long-interval stoking; for very heavy furnaces up to several hours. A clay-plastered constructed furnace is the ideal solution for permanently inhabited spaces. It is an ecological and health-enhancing construction method that does not cause allergies.

Rebuilding of an old tiled stove

In recent times the tiled stove was the most-used type of heater. It requires regular maintenance. We offer you remodeling of old tile kilns from the original tiles. Tiled stoves are built of load-bearing, textured tiles. In case of simple damage we can renovate the tiles. The reward for the owner is a beautiful, mostly rich-decorated stove with a hint of history.

Construction around the intelligent fireplace inserts

Construction around a simple fireplace insert itself takes approximately 3-5 days. It can take even longer in case of more complex technical solutions. One of the most challenging operations is the construction around intelligent fireplace inserts with a separate air supply for combustion. A smart fireplace has automatically controlled burning regulated by a thermostat and an electronically controlled damper. However, the quality of the chimney is very important.

Hydronic central heating and water heating

By fitting a heat exchanger in your furnace, stove or fireplace, you get more functions. Facility can be used for heating the water, or to heat the water as a medium for central heating. Hydronic fireplace inserts use a part of their output to heat the water; the rest becomes hot air. Hot water can be transported further than hot air and it can be stored at the same time.

Hot-air heating

This is the most common type of heating. It is often used as additional heating in permanently inhabited spaces. Hot-air heating systems are suitable for heating buildings, cottages or huts. The biggest advantage is the quick onset of the heater. The disadvantage, however, is an uneven heat distribution in the room. Another disadvantage is the rapid cooling of the rooms after the fire burns out.

Design and Visualization

Before the beginning of the construction it is necessary to create a design and visualization, which becomes an integral part of the majority of our projects. Our projects are mainly artistic originals created upon request in a specific space for a specific owner. For the perfect idea of the future product we can create for the owner a simple draft or a realistic visualization of the furnace, fireplace, stove or set.


For each device there is a different process of combustion which results in a different way of stoking and heating. We teach you how to properly use and maintain your fireplace, stove or oven. We will advise you how to properly choose the right stove or fireplace for your home, cottage or weekend house.